SSD Prices are Dropping

Trendfocus, a renowned data storage industry’s market analysis and research firm has good news for PC/Mac owners; SSD prices are expected decline significantly in 2018. This revelation comes after a jump in pricing in 2017 which saw prices of storage media prices soar over 36% in some places such as Western Europe, Far East and North America. Since SSDs have found way into mid-range notebook systems, low prices to the system OEMs will translate to much lower prices to the end buyer of the SSD based laptops and notebooks although this is not always the case.

Why are SSD Prices Dropping?

A price decline on any storage medium, leave alone the SSD, is rare and worth celebrating about. There ought to be a reason behind it. Here is why you will be paying less for an SSD Drive this year and foreseeable future.

Apparently, the demand for NAND flash memory has declined as well

NAND flash memories are essential assembly components of SSDs. Their high demand in 2017 led to pricing skyrocketing in that year. But reports from Trendfocus indicates that these chips are in an all-time low demand this year. But this not the main reason why SSDs prices are down. It has something to do with hoarding. Manufacturers seems to have made stockpiles of these valued chips thus increasing their supply.

Manufacturers have flooded the market with SSDs

It is some form of high-tech dumping but no one knows why. A close look at most laptops released nowadays will revel to you that almost all of them features an SSD. Sometime back you, you could came across a decent laptop with Intel Core i7 still featuring the old school HDD. Not anymore. Presence of SSDs in every laptop on the market can as well be reason why their prices have fallen considerably.

One last thing…

Sadly, this nosedive in pricing may be short lived. Trandfocus reckons that the prices may begin climbing again in the second half of 2018. We have our fingers crossed.

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