Can you recover data from the Cloud?

The cloud is one of the best online internet technology that most users deem proud to have. This is a place where you can save your important files that you wouldn’t want to be accessed by anyone else in which case, the cloud serves as a super vault for your files. Moreover, other reasons that could also lead one into considering the services of the cloud it’s if they want to free up some space in their devices thus opt for transferring some files to the cloud. Alternatively, the cloud comes in handy when someone is in a scenario that requires them to access files on various devices.

However, there times that you might lose your device or accidentally delete a file from the storage drive of your phone, PC or tablet. It is during such times you might wonder if you can recover data from the Cloud. Fortunately, retrieving files from the cloud is possible and easy.

The recovery process from iCloud

Apple users use the iCloud drive to save files, and one can obtain their initially deleted files by clicking the icon on the bottom-right corner which says ‘Recently Deleted.’ Later on, you can either recover all files in that folder by clicking ‘Recover All’ or select particular files that you want to acquire and hit ‘Recover.’

Note: You should not that, you can only retrieve files that you had not permanently deleted them, and also the files are not older than 30 days since the day of deletion.

Other Cloud Drives

On the same note, people who are not users of the iCloud, but instead have gone for other online storage drives such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive are still eligible to recover their lost files. The steps involved in the recovery process in each of the drives include:

In Dropbox, the files are not deleted in Dropbox but hidden, hence to recover the deleted items you click on a trash icon that will show you the deleted files then select the files of your choice that you want to recover. Finally, you right click and hit ‘Restore.’ Similarly, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive use the same process as in Dropbox.

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