10 IT Disaster Recovery planning tips

Information is power, and companies that require services of Information Technology (IT) or have a department of their own in the company must have a recovery plan in case a disaster happens. Accidents are inevitable and at one point may lead to loss of extensive information of the company. A disaster recovery plan will be

Top Tips to keep your SSD running smooth

Most if not all modern computers now feature SSD as the major storage device. Upgrading to SSD gives your computer a huge boost in terms of performance improvement. An SSD speeds up everything that needs disk access, from opening Lightroom Catalogs to boot times. However, over time and without proper maintenance, a speedy SSD starts

Can you recover data from the Cloud?

The cloud is one of the best online internet technology that most users deem proud to have. This is a place where you can save your important files that you wouldn’t want to be accessed by anyone else in which case, the cloud serves as a super vault for your files. Moreover, other reasons that

How Helium hard drives work

Helium hard drives are just like the regular hard drives. The only difference is that the air in the standard hard drives is replaced with helium in the helium hard drives. Helium is a gas that is seven times less dense than air. With the help of this gas, the disks in the hard drive

Best Cyber Security training options

Cyber security has become a sensitive topic in today’s world. This is because cyber security threats are increasing day by day. Hackers are using all tools and tricks available to interfere with business networks. Security and change are one of the most exciting aspects when it comes to working with technology. It is therefore essential

SSD Prices are Dropping

Trendfocus, a renowned data storage industry’s market analysis and research firm has good news for PC/Mac owners; SSD prices are expected decline significantly in 2018. This revelation comes after a jump in pricing in 2017 which saw prices of storage media prices soar over 36% in some places such as Western Europe, Far East and